F:Does it come with a nail polish remover?

F:How to make nail polish last longer?
Q:Trim and polish nail surface and clean it to oil-free, apply the base coat and even apply a thin layer of the nail polish, apply top coat to brighten your nails ,every layer wait 3-5 mins, Do not touch water for 4 hours after air-drying is completed.

F:Why does nail polish not dry easily ? How long need to wait ?
Q:Recommended to apply a small amount of each layer evenly, make sure the last layer of nail polish is completely dry before overlaying, each layer of air dry time is 3-5 minutes or longer, the effect will be better.

F:Why is the color of the painted effect lighter than the ideal ?
Q:Because of the difference in color saturation, if the color applied is not the desired effect, you can stack 2 or more layers until the desired effect is achieved.

F:Why do I get bubbles in my manicure?
Q:For best nail art results, always allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat of Nail Lacquer. If the previous coats are still wet, they will continue to dry under the new coat of polish, resulting in air bubbles getting trapped in between.